Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Almost a year

Actually I already forget about BLOGGING cuz life is too busy with everything. I'm not famous blogger to earn money by blogging so I used most of my time to earn money. 

I come back from UK almost 4 months already, time is flying too fast and I can't even catch it. Worked for almost 3 months, learned a lot, cried a lot. Asked myself since the day of starting work, is all of this worth? Yea I couldn't give an answer to myself even until now. 

Most of my time are in working, yea I starting to feel that I doesn't need anyone beside me but I know this is too wrong. Actually I hope there are someone beside me but Mr. Right haven't exist yet so I'm still waiting him to appear. Another thing that I want to say is, no feel means no feel, don't make me to scold you. 

I'm in working now actually but I feel like release something here and I know doesn't have anyone to view this. I want set my resolution of 2015 now, will it too late? Omggggg -.-
Firstly, please get 5 digits saving by end of this year, Lim Suet Ee you are way to too fat, please eat lesser and buy lesser okkk?
Secondly, overseas at least once, ok this year I wanna go island! Any island :D
Third, get a boyfriend please hahahaha
Forth, can you be slimmer? 10kgs will too much? Hahahaha 

Enough, end of this post. Talk to myself 


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